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  • About The Crafters

    The Crafters acting school was founded by Sukaant Ray (NSD-2011) - 7 years journey (2014-2021), of shaping up his school The Crafters to what it is today, seems like a work done in a decade. At the pure theatre and acting school in Andheri West, Mumbai, we hold various workshops in theatre training for amateurs and professional actors. All the workshops are conducted by NSD graduates only; Rohit Chaudhary, Mukti Das, Ashoke Dharamsoat, Rana Kamal, Chaitanya Solanki, Abhinav Pateriya, Manohar Pandey Shahjahaan Hussain are some of the favorite names amongst the students. They teach different acting methods & processes and provide a sense of honest theatre culture to the students. Tapping into minute details of the craft, the learning processes help evolve actors with an in-depth experience. The production-oriented workshop also provides students to apply all these methods and explore oneself as an actor.
    There are three batches every day to choose from, morning-afternoon-evening, and have special weekend batches for the working professionals.

  • Philosophy

    As a reputed acting school in Mumbai, The Crafters truly believes in the Realism techniques of acting. Our main philosophy is simple; Be natural and authentic to yourself, and your act will genuinely touch your audiences.

  • Method

    There are several methods from which an actor can follow to reach his ultimate truth while performing. But as trusted acting classes in Mumbai, we believe in most Stanislavski and Meissner techniques. Stanislavski talks and teaches through 'Imagination,' whereas Meissner believes in the 'Doing.' To go deeper into acting, we also teach the Chekhov, Lee Strasberg, and Stella Adler techniques

  • Faculty

    The Crafters believes in giving its' students the simple and most authentic processes in the craft of acting. The school and its faculty offer syllabus only from the NSD fraternity. All the courses and batches are conducted solely by NSD Alumni. The notion is clear; if you cannot make it through NSD, make it through The Crafters and experience the comfort of the NSD'ians. Of course, there is no matching up to the level of the pioneer school of the legendaries, but a small snapshot of them in Mumbai.

  • Opportunities

    Doing a course or workshop at the Crafters acting school does not mean finishing a class and going back home to struggle for a career all by yourself. The Crafters offer many opportunities for participating in play productions with public performances. We provide students with preparations for auditions as well as send out audition updates for students to attend. We also make efforts to send our students to casting agencies and casting directors, to those who seek theatre artists for their projects. And last but not least, we also help those students who want to get into NSD with special preparations.

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